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Engen Xtreme Team preparing to present a tough challenge at Zwartkops

The defending champion in the Bridgestone Production Car Championship and the newest competitor in class A of the series team up again on Saturday, 30 August, when the Engen Xtreme Team competes in the Super Series at Zwartkops Raceway.

Michael Stephen Extreme Racers ELMichael Stephen (A1) has won multiple titles in the Bridgestone Production Car Championship and is currently defending his 2013 title. Stephen currently holds second place overall in the series and is working on closing the gap to the leader in the last three rounds of the season.

His teammate Simon Moss (A38) is contesting his first season in the series, with the second half of the season being his chance to stop learning track layout and rather concentrate on competition and fighting for track position.

“There is a challenge ahead for the three rounds that are left this season,” says Stephen. “There are 20 points between me and the lead – but that’s the number of points available for a feature race victory. If I stick to my strategy of scoring points at each round of the championship, then it will all come down to the final round of the season and another exciting race to the line.”

The Zwartkops event will see Stephen mount a strong challenge to his opposition, making use of his years of experience and his technical knowledge to set up his Audi S4 quattro for maximum performance and handling. In addition, a good race strategy will create the opportunity for another formidable outing on race day.

Simon Moss (A38) will enter the arena with more confidence than at his first Zwartkops outing earlier this season. This will be his second event on the circuit and his sixth since starting in this series. His focus now is on increased pace and competition, becoming a frontrunner in the series in the process.

“Racing at Zwartkops is the start of going back to all the tracks we’ve raced this year,” says Moss. “I’ve made progress this season and now that I’ve learned all the different tracks, I think the rest of the season is going to be about getting right up amongst the leaders and fighting for good results.”

Moss and Stephen competed in Zwartkops in March this year, the opening round of the Super Series. Round six of the Bridgestone Production Car Championship sees the Engen Xtreme Team return to the circuit with the season now heading towards the closing stages of the championship.

Both Stephen and Moss will compete in two races during the Bridgestone Production Car event, with the Engen Xtreme Audi S4 quattros right in the thick of the action on race day.